2016 Rëthworks Custom program

We have been working diligently all winter perfecting tooling , creating new products and revising some of our current stuff. Our ATS/GT coupe is almost ready for its road course debut, with insane 355/30/19 Pirelli Corsa rear tires and 295/30/19 fronts we are going to be tearing up the asphault near you this summer. Together with our Performance partners we are creating some of the coolest, best functioning vehicles to wear the Cadillac nameplate. This summer is going to be amazing for the Cadillac Enthusiasts, we look very much forward to the CT6 program and the all new CT5.Keep your eyes peeled for the GT coupe at about 20 events this summer from East to West coast. Pick up some Rëthworks wearables in our gallery asap, for your chance to take a lap in the coupe on the Auto course.


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